3D Crystal

3D Crystal Best Candle Holder

Preserve your favourite memories forever with our stunning 3D Crystal Candle Holder. Simply upload a snap straight from your device and we’ll bring it to life with a stunning subsurface laser engraving.

Ideal as a wedding keepsake, anniversary gift or memorial for lost loved ones. Each photo comes expertly laser-engraved and presented in a beautiful gift box.

Precious Memories Never Fade

Enshrine precious memories in a 3D crystal and they’ll never fade. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, memorials and anyone who loves candles around the home, this timeless design will expertly laser-engrave your chosen photo right into its glittering surface. Simply upload a snap straight from your computer and we’ll do the rest. Our subsurface laser technique gives you a jaw-dropping finish that preserves your photo forever.

Family es a unidad de amor y felicidad. La convivencia entre familias significa el gran aprecio que se tiene por cada ser querido.

Our rare personalized tea light candle holder will make the ideal gift for a mother’s day, birthday or anniversary. It can also be a heartfelt memorial for a lost loved one or pet. Each candle holder comes packed in a beautiful gift box, ready to be gifted or kept for yourself. It would also be a lovely keepsake for a mantelpiece or even for use as a table centrepiece. Engrave a special photo and names or message of your choice to create the perfect present.

A Timeless Design

Using our specialist sub-surface laser engraving technique, your chosen photo will be expertly engraved into the crystal for a jaw-dropping effect that never fades. This elegant and timeless design makes it the perfect gift for couples, anniversaries, memorials and anyone that loves candles in their home.

Just upload the perfect snap straight from your device and we’ll transform it into a beautiful keepsake for them to treasure forever. Don’t worry about the background – we’ll remove this for you to ensure your loved ones are front and centre.

Presented in a stylish presentation box, our rare personalized 3D crystal candle holder is the perfect gift for a Christmas present, birthday present or anniversary present. It’s also a thoughtful memorial gift for a lost loved one in remembrance of a life that was taken too soon.

A Glorious Gift

The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and memorials, our 3D Photo Crystal Candle Holder is the ideal way to ensure treasured memories never fade. Our expert laser-engravers will transform your chosen image into a stunning piece of crystal that will become a focal point in any room. We’ll even remove the background from your photo to ensure that only the important things are preserved and displayed in dazzling crystal.

You can also add a short message or caption to further personalise your candle holder, making it a fantastic gift for those who love to decorate their homes with mementos that remind them of past times. It’s a brilliant way to remember those who have passed away too, and this makes our personalised photo crystal a wonderful keepsake for the mantelpiece.

Make sure that those you love will always have the memories of happy times at their fingertips with our personalised 3D Photo Crystal Candle Holder. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, our specialist Sub-Surface engraving technique ensures your precious images won’t fade, disintegrate or discolour over time – so those special moments will always be cherished (no matter how forgetful they are!). Browse our full selection of engraved photo crystals to discover more amazing gifts for your friends and family. Just upload a snap straight from your device to get started!

A Beautiful Keepsake

Make sure treasured memories never fade with this beautiful 3D photo crystal candle holder. The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and memorials, simply upload the image of your choice and we will expertly laser-engrave it into this glittering, timeless crystal.

Using our specialist sub-surface laser technique, your chosen photos are carefully brought to life inside the crystal, where they won’t fade or disintegrate over time. Your personalised photo will be engraved deep within the crystal, with no background at all to ensure that your loved ones are always front and centre.

Our crystals are cut with a range of deep facets to maximise the effect of the light reflected off the surface, bringing your pictures to life in the most stunning way. The Candle Holder style is the perfect shape for portrait photos and makes a perfect gift for couples or in loving memory of lost loved ones. Your photos will be carefully engraved with a heartfelt message of your choice.

For best results, we recommend uploading high quality images. We remove the background from your images, allowing you to zoom in and focus on your loved ones. You can even add text, such as names and dates. Our Crystal Candle Holder also comes with a tealight candle, making it the perfect gift for anyone special in your life.